Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thrill of the hunt

This house is so very trial and error.  [love/hate]

Here's the vicious cycle:
1) I buy something
2) It doesn't work, so I take it back to the store and return it.
3) On my way out of the store, something else catches my eye.
4) I buy that.....  repeat indefinitely from Step 1.

But, sometimes I get lucky.  Remember the living room?  It was just missing some color.
On Black Friday, I got some help from Mama K as we ventured out into the cold to fight the crowds. After some huge successes in gift-shopping at Target, we went over to my favorite store, TJ Maxx, and found a few fun things. Here's the new rug in the entryway:

Then there was that empty wall next to the TV. It was a tragedy that the TV was the focal point of the room, until this baby came along (Kohl's). Of course, she had her stash of Kohl's coupons in her bag, so we used those too. :)   Here's the piece:

Front room before: 

Front room after:   

 It's beautiful -- it bounces light around the room and takes the focus away from the disproportionately large TV in the room.  It definitely beats that empty wall...

Most recently, I've been searching high and low for throw pillows that would match the strange mint green and blues in the ottoman. This is just another reason I love TJ Maxx... both green and blue in this pillow match perfectly. It was just meant to be!  (Excuse the color distortion. You can thank the cell phone camera for that one.)

And last but not least, my new favorite item: the tall recycled glass vase in the front room. On clearance at 66% off. Woot to that!  It has that great subtle recycled-glass green hue which fits great in this room.  Ta-da, one more room, almost complete!

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