Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Day I Learned to Photoshop

If you've been to MochiHome recently, then you recognized our room/bunny featured in this post by the amazing Carly. Have I mentioned she is a genius?

After admiring Carly's work, I decided to try Photoshopping for myself. (Stupid joke alert: It is a much less expensive alternative to just shopping)  But now, I know enough to be dangerous!! With much Googling, I gave our master bedroom a makeover. You know the one - the green one that I could never figure out.

Here are two options: a) paint required and b) no painting necessary. This little exercise was so much fun, albeit time-consuming! It definitely saved me money in the long run and saved time in buying/returning stuff... it also got me thinking about purchasing/incorporating items I'd never have considered before. You can't blame me, though - c'mon, I'm engineer. It's been a long time since my left brain got some exercise! 

But first, the current state:

And now.... #1, with source list:
Paint, Valspar Almost Charcoal - Lowe's, ~$75
Chandelier, Lowe's, $150
Ribba frames, Ikea, $15 each and $25
Alang table lamps, Ikea, $19 each
Curtain panels, Target, $29 each
Duvet (owned), Ikea, free
Yellow quartz pillow cover, West Elm, $19 on sale!
Tulip shams, West Elm, $24
8'x10' Zigzag rug, West Elm, $479 (5'x8' -- $249)
Cherry blossom bird pillow, Etsy, $28
Total for this room: $520 + $479 rug (which I consider optional) = $999

Here's #2, the no-paint option and source list:
Cream faux leather accent chair, Target, $110 on sale!
Bull's eye silk pillow, West Elm, $34 
Alang table lamps, Ikea, $19 each
Ribba Frames, Ikea, $14.99 each
Custom Wall Decal,, ~$35 
Grey pom-pom pillow, West Elm, $19
Zebra pillow, West Elm, $39 
Round red ruffle pillow, Pier 1, $24
White bedding (owned), Ikea, free!
Chandelier,, $134
Curtain panels, Target, $29 each
Red lantern, Ikea, $4
Total for this room: $583

So what do you think? Am I good enough to be called an amateur with my computer skills?  :)

ps- Things are already a-changin' in the bedroom. More to come!

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  1. Now that you mentioned it, Photoshop is a great way to check how items in your shopping list would look like in the house without buying them first! Plus, if you put time into it, you can work more wonders with it!

    - Lawrence Spring



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