Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dark Room

The other day Ben did some research and found that it's healthy to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each day. Anything more than that is supposedly a health risk (heart disease and whatnot... ask him, I didn't look it up!). Despite said warnings, that boy can sleep! He's practicing his skill as we speak.

I am definitely a light sleeper. I totally bugs me when there's light coming into the room, especially when 8am starts to hit. I think the dark green bedroom walls help, but there has to be a way to block the light from the windows better than the white wood blinds. Currently, we have green walls and red curtains up purely because the curtains are dark, so they absorb a lot of light. But hate me for not wanting a red-green Christmas bedroom year-round! I searched high and low for white thermal/blackout curtains, and they just do not exist! Recent discovery: blackout liners. Genius! That'll be step #1.

Step #2, figure out what else to do with the room. I'm thinking something like this (just imagine dark green walls... I looooove the rich brown wall color, but my hatred for painting outweighs that):
Photo: decorpad, HGTV

Another inspiration photo that could rock the green walls (Photos below - HGTV):

And I'm totally drooling over this room with its bright colors. I like the way the designer incorporated the pink flowers, it makes the room seem more cheery! Interesting that there is framed art placed behind the nightstand and lamps (which I also love).

Look closely - this is an old desk and a black mirror hung on the wall in front of it- how thrifty!

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