Saturday, July 2, 2011

One Masterpiece A Day: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of One Masterpiece A Day! Like I said yesterday, this week is about creating seven new pieces of art to hang on my empty gallery walls... I committed to creating one masterpiece (a term used loosely) a day for the next week. And guess what? You get to download my printable artwork each day to use yourself. That's right: free printables. ENJOY!

Since my original may not have as much meaning to you (read on below), I did a little revamp that's just as fun. Let's go back to yesteryear -- you know... 2005, when people were just starting to figure out texting-shorthand. Remember when everyone thought "lol" meant "lots of love?" Sure. It can today.

Here is today's masterpiece, Lots of Love, and you get your choice of any of these colors. [That poor flower...I forgot to put water in its bud vase last night!]

Masterpiece #2: LOL
Sized 5.5"x7.5" text and handwriting

To get the file and print yourself,

1) Click here to Follow This Blog!
2) Download the file by clicking the color you like, below.
3) (Extra credit:) Leave a comment and let me know you enjoyed it!

This is mushy, so read on at your own risk. I actually created a completely different version that is a little more relevant to us. When I'm traveling for work, every night, at the end of our right-before-bed phone call, the script goes like this:

Steph: Good night!
Ben: Good night.
S: I love you!
B: I love you.... bye.
S: Bye!
.... for some reason, I have to be the last one to say "bye." (Type A much?) So that's why the print hanging on the wall above the bed looks like this:

But now, you can enjoy one that's just as lovey and mushy as ours.

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