Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall wreath

Thank you, Pinterest, for yet another awesome idea. The weather's starting to get cooler (hallelujah!), leaves are just starting to turn, and you almost need a jacket when you go out in the morning. Bring on long-sleeved shirts, Ohio State football, and fire pitting in the backyard!

To celebrate the beginning of Fall, I'm sharing my latest project - a festive wreath!

My sis (in law), Jasmine, is getting married in a month!

Last weekend was her bridal shower in Indy, and as much fun as small kitchen appliances are, I wanted to go for something more personal. Then, I was browsing around my favorite blogs and found this awesome wreath on It seems so very Jaz -- and for her Fall wedding, it was perfect; she and Jose Carlos definitely need something fun and personal in their new apartment. Not only that, but her wedding colors are very festive for fall - reds, yellows, oranges. This pretty wreath on the front door can be an exciting reminder that their big day is coming!

So, off I went to Hobby Lobby & Jo-Ann Fabrics. I took a regular wreath form -- one of those straw ones you can get for $3.99 at HL or Jo-Ann. [Get it with a 40% off coupon for an additional score.]  I unwrapped the wreath halfway and then started to realize it was puking pieces of straw all over my freshly cleaned floor (ugh!!!)!! I ended up pulling out some saran-wrap and wrapping it all back up again. Since it was all covered with yarn, it really didn't matter, so if I make another one again, the plastic wrap is staying on. (Is it supposed to stay on anyway?)

Then, I wrapped yarn around it for what seemed like forever... I thought I was going to die still wrapping that yarn around the wreath! Once that was finally done, all I had to do was start cutting and hot-gluing. Jo-Ann even had a bunch of cool buttons on sale for $0.25 each from $3.99 for some of those things, so this was a fun and enjoyable project. Just like we used to do in first grade, I folded and folded and cut pieces of fabric like paper snowflakes. It's easy - just cut, glue, stack, and put a button on top. Sorry, I was on such a roll I spaced on taking in-progress photos.

If you look closely, the fabrics on this wreath are lots of different textures -- the green fabric is corduroy, yellow is felt, orange is felt, and others are printed textures or linen-look. Like the inspiration wreath, I also positioned the flowers around on the sides of the wreath so it'd have some dimension.

If you attempt this, I recommend hot glue.... lots and lots of hot glue!

Since Jaz's new apartment is still crying out for some personal touches like wall decorations and accessories, I also gave her a set of 3 small frames to include in a frame gallery - all featuring cheese (one of her proclaimed favorite things). I'm so glad this wreath turned out. Trust me guys, it took a LOT of restraint not to post a Facebook photo or blog post about this thing before I gave it to her! :)

Only a few more weeks 'til the big day...Congrats girlie!

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  1. Wow, This is amazingly beautiful. Love it! Pintrest inspired my latest wreath creation too!

  2. isn't Pinterest the best?!

    This is lovely. I made a yarn wreath in the Spring but I never thought of making one for Autumn!

    Very pretty. And Congrats to the sis in law!

    Jenni x



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