Monday, January 30, 2012

Best Goodwill Finds Ever

I found the most amazing things at Goodwill last week. Come see!

First, there was the number 6. The day before I found this, I bought an 8 (to celebrate our 8/8/08 wedding anniversary) at Relish, a local home decor shop. Numbers. This is what you get what you combine an engineering plus a math teacher. My 6 was only $1.99!

Have you ever walked around a Goodwill and spotted something you might buy, only to realize that someone else had snatched it up in the meanwhile? A few months ago, I found the perfect framed painting for the guest bedroom, but as I debated buying it (while wandering around the rest of the store) someone else had grabbed it. I didn't let it happen this time... when I saw this starburst mirror, I flew to that thing and grabbed it like my life depended on it.

Some of the prongs of the starburst were a little bent, but I moved most of them back in place. After much deliberation, I decided to put the mirror in the master bathroom. With the skylight above and the window on the adjacent wall, it's a light and cheerful reminder of the day to come when I see it each morning.

What is it about Goodwill that keeps us coming back? Is it the incredible finds, or is it the thrill of the hunt? What's your best GW loot?

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