Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brought to You by the Letter "N"

Mission accomplished. A while ago, I found this really fun letter artwork on one of the house blogs I haunt.

via Eighteen25
You know how close Hobby Lobby is, and with all of the frames I've got just laying around, this was the cheapest/easiest project imaginable. Mine (below) doesn't look as pretty as the vignette, but it still does the job. I'm still not sure where I'm going to put this or what I'll do with it... maybe gallery wall?

1 - can of white spray paint
1 - box of wooden letters from Hobby Lobby
1 - picture frame
1 - bottle of acrylic paint, any color
1- piece of scrapbook paper, any color

Spray paint the letters (which takes a lot more paint than you'd expect...), then paint the heart. Let dry, arrange in the frame with scrapbook paper behind it. Voila!

Compared to the top photo, my frame looks a little empty. That's because it is -I didn't even notice until after everything was painted! Take a closer look, because this so-called full alphabet set includes ZERO letter "N"s. Huh? In doing a more thorough count, it turns out this 60-piece set is missing 4 letters in total. Product QC much? Inspector #31, you're fired! (Just kidding - there's clearly no inspection sticker on this!)

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