Monday, July 4, 2011

One Masterpiece A Day: Day 4

After weeks, I am finally filling the frame gallery walls in the master bedroom and dining area. I am creating one masterpiece (used loosely) every day, for the next week. And guess what? You get to have that very same wall art! You heard right: free printables. Check out the rest of the week right over here!

"Day 4, makin' you more!"

Today, there really isn't a deep or sentimental story behind this piece, and the goal for today was to keep it simple. Pinterest is such a great source of inspiration, and it has come through for me again (in between periods of wasting hours of my life on that site). I'm not an extreme minimalist, but I can appreciate some clean-looking wall art. The wood wall art below is a piece from Design Public, an online decor store that has some really unique and modern stuff. I adapted the wall sculpture design to my own, using lines and some Crate and Barrel-inspired colors. This print would fit well into an office or common space.
Masterpiece #4: Block Art
Sized 12" x 16" lines and colors

You know the drill - pick a color! For you neutral lovers, the random lines have a little bit of brown in them so the grey-on-grey can match any color scheme.

To get the file and print yourself,

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2) Download the file by clicking the color you like, below.
3) (Extra credit:) Leave a comment and let me know you enjoyed it!


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