Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One Masterpiece A Day: Day 6

If you missed my earlier posts, I am creating one masterpiece (a term I like to use loosely with my artwork) every day, for a week. Guess what? You get to have that very same wall art! You heard right: free printables. Check out the rest of the week right over here!

Masterpiece #6: A House is Built of Bricks and Beams (A Home is Built of Love and Dreams)
Sized 16" x 16" and 6" x 8"

Excuse the cheesy title. I found it by accident when I was looking for a house-related quote, and it was so rhyme-y and funny I couldn't resist. No good story today, just a love for chevron and houses!

To get the file and print yourself,
1) Click here to Follow This Blog!
2) Download the file by clicking the color you like, below.
3) Extra credit: 
leave a comment and let me know you enjoy chevron as much as I do!

Size 6" x 8"

Size 5" x 7"

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  1. I love these!! The yellow bottom one is my favorite, but I can't get it to download. Is it working for anyone else?

    Thanks for the printables!! I love them tons!

    1. Hi Jessica! You are very welcome :)

      Thanks for mentioning the link issue. I've "fixed the glitch." Should be up and working now... enjoy!

    2. Thank you so much Steph! I was able to get to it this time. I am excited to print it!

  2. They are beautiful!!!
    Would you mind if I publish them in my blog with the credits to you?



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