Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dear Pinterest

Dear Pinterest:

Give me my life back. Sure, I love to see pictures of great rooms and enjoy an endless supply of design inspiration, but you are way too addicting. Facebook has nothing on you.

The way you let me pin, like, follow, and comment on photos by my friends or even other strangers is too easy. Every time I stumble across an inspiration photo or am looking for ideas - organization, food, amazing DIY projects, you name it - it's so hard not to hit the "Pin" button on my browser and grab the photo to create an online scrapbook all in one place. I can't stand that I'm losing valuable productive time just wondering who's going to comment or pin something fun next (and checking it out when they do).

I mean, Jaz and I are figuring out her wedding details, and it's just too easy to spot things we want to do for her in October. Before you came along, our heads were spinning and we weren't sure where to start. Maybe we wanted it that way.

We could easily spend (or have spent) hours looking at other popular or recent photos that have been pinned by other users. Before you came along, I would find an inspiration photo, click "Save As," and store them on my computer hard drive... what if I wanted to use all that computer storage space?

Going onto for the first time was like trying a gateway drug... one chair led to another and next thing I knew, I  hadcreated a "Cane Chair" board for all the interesting ideas I found for my own makeover.

And then, those photos led me to other design ideas For The House, and now I have so many other ideas flying through my head. Ones that I had never thought or seen before. It's a completely crazy and scary notion; I had no clue that these things were even out there:

So thanks a lot, Pinterest.'re not so bad after all.


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