Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Bathroom!

Hallelujah! I've finally finished the FIRST room in the house! It is DONE!

Check out the upstairs bathroom before and afters.

Beige walls, old Ikea shower curtain from college, not much else.

Here's another view:

I was obviously testing paint when I had the thought to take a before picture, so you're lucky!

I chose this color paint for the bathroom, a clean slate-blue-grey color... there's a lot more blue it in than this swatch lets on.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to keep it clean and "normal" looking, or add some fun color to it.
For Option A, "Normal," I would've chosen all white accessories, white flowers, white frames, white towels, etc.
For Option B - Fun, it was a tough choice between yellow and magenta/pink. From reading this earlier post, you obviously know that I am in love with yellows and greys together, but the magenta pop seemed like the natural thing to do.

But everybody appreciates a little personality, right?

Afters (sorry for the low light, there are no skylights or windows!):

Here's a close-up of the artwork, my favorite part. All it took was an image of a bird and branches, which I cut out on magenta cardstock. The grey zigzags were just created in Photoshop and printed out on white cardstock. I used one of my many many many brand spankin' new Ikea frames!

As a sidenote, I have an addiction that needs to be dealt with-- it's birds. I flippin' love birds. I can't help it.

Someday in the near future I'm going to become the bird lady, 'cause I've already started a collection. Don't believe me? This is only the beginning of a veeeery slippery slope:

It all began with this guy, a patio accessory from Lowe's a couple summers ago.
This chick's not alone, either. He has a red buddy named "Roundy."
...My two round birds were so silly, I even have a birdhouse mantle decoration to go with them. [cah-ray-zee!]

Then I graduated to the hard stuff, the glass bird paperweight from Pier 1. It was tempting not to buy the glass octopus they had too, but that would've just launched me into more seascape madness.

And obviously, the latest paper addition, bathroom birdies.

So those are my bird buddies. I'm expecting it'll only get worse from here - but admitting it is the first step to recovery...?!?!

ps- My friend Mandy just shared this website with me: Put a bird on it, and call it art. Hilarious but true!

Psst --  3/5/2013 -- Bathroom update! If you liked the bird art, check out the latest bathroom artwork update. I shared it as a free printable! 

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